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Generate custom-designed static QR Code labels or images in bulk
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How Bulk QR Code Generation works?

Follow 3 simple steps and quickly generate QR Codes in bulk
Step 1: Choose QR Code Category and Upload Data
Select the type of QR Code—Website URL, Text, or Vcard—and upload spreadsheet (CSV, XLS, XLSX) with data in specified format. For Serial and Random Code, specify data in input fields.
Step 2: Add QR Code Design
Optionally, add design of QR Codes—add colors, patterns, logo, or background images—to make it easy for users to identify your QR Codes
QR code design for mobile
Step 3: Export QR Code Batch
Export generated QR Codes either as images (PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS) in specified size (in pixels, inches, millimeter) OR as printable QR Code Label PDFs in specified label layouts
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Powerful Tool for Multiple QR Code Use Cases

Scanova's QR Code Batch Generator is useful for many QR Code-based applications
Business card with QR Code created via Batch QR Code Generators
Business Cards
Add a unique Vcard QR Code on the business card of each member of your company
Label with QR Code created via Batch QR Code Generator
Generate printable QR Code Label PDF's for inventory management or product information
Trails with QR Code created via Batch QR Code Generator
Mark point-of-interests on nature/botanical trails with unique URL QR Codes linked to engaging information
City buildings with QR Code created via Batch QR Code Generator
City Buildings
Mark city buildings or tourist spots across city with unique QR Codes that share important information to administrators or tourists
Identification badge with QR Code
Add a QR Code with a unique serial or random code on company ID cards for digital verification
Flyers with QR Code created via Batch QR Code Generator
Share printed flyers with unique QR Codes that link to online surveys
Product with QR Code created via Batch QR Code Generator
Product Authentication
Add unique QR Code with activation code on each product to prevent counterfeiting
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Your Use Case
Bulk QR Code Generator can be used for any use case that requires large number of QR Codes
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QR Batch Features

Scanova's Bulk QR Code Generator is fast, easy-to-use, and affordable
Multiple QR Code Categories
QR Batch allows you to generate the following static QR Codes—Website URL, Text, Serial Code, Random Code, and Vcard
Custom QR Code Design
Add colors, patterns, and images to create personalized and branded QR Codes that attract more scans
High-resolution Images
Generate QR Codes in both raster (PNG, JPG) and vector (SVG, EPS) image formats for high-resolution printing
Custom Size
Specify exact size of QR Code images in pixels/inches for high-resolution printing
QR Code Labels
Export QR Codes as printable Labels PDF
Sensible Pricing
Pay only for the QR Codes you generate. Larger the batch, cheaper the rate per QR Code

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Bulk QR Code Price Calculator

Calculate exact cost of QR Code batch (excluding local taxes). No hidden charges.
QR Code Images QR Code Labels
Pricing selected for exporting QR Code as image in zip folder. Choose “QR Code Lables” to check pricing for exporting QR Code as label PDFs
Pricing selected for exporting QR Codes as label PDFs. Choose “QR Codes Image” to check pricing for exporting QR Codes as image in zip folder
Enter the number of QR Codes you want to create
No. of QR Codes
Price in USD per QR code
{[{average_cost | number : 6}]}
Total Price*
$ {[{ total_cost | number : 2}]}
*Total price is inclusive of local taxes
Pay one-time for QR Codes you generate. No subscription fees.

QR Code Batch Generation Best Practices

These tips will make it easy for you to quickly generate the QR Codes you need
Ensure data spreadsheet is error-free
Data sheet formats for QR Code Batch Generator(Mobile)
  • Setup data in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs Spreadsheets as both support CSV and XLS file formats
  • Each row represents data for a single QR Code with Column A reserved for QR Code image filename. Column B onwards specify data for the QR Code content—URL, Text, or Vcard Fields
  • For best results, ensure there are no headers, empty rows, missing cells, or extra columns
Note: Download sample spreadsheet files for each QR Code content category
Add QR Code design
Comparison of B&W and custom design QR Code created via QR Code Batch Generator(Mobile)
  • Add design and branding to QR Codes to increase visual appeal as they blend well with print creatives
  • Adding logo and colors give a branded touch to QR Codes which a generic B&W QR Code does not
  • QR Codes personalized to the brand attract 50-200% more scans than black-and-white QR Codes
Generate High-Resolution Images
QR Codes as labels on a printable PDF(Mobile)
  • The minimum size of a printed QR Code should at least be 1.2 inch or 3 cm or 360 pixels (300 DPI) in width and height
  • Ensure that the QR Code is printed on a flat surface. Curved surfaces reduce scannability of QR Codes
  • If exporting a QR Code without background, ensure that the background is white or light-colored for adequate contrast ratio
Create Printable QR Code Labels
Comparison of B&W and custom design QR Code created via QR Code Batch Generator(Mobile)
  • Choose from a list of 10 standard labels layouts—1, 4, 6, 9, 12, 20, 48, and 80 QR Code labels per sheet—compatible with Avery sheets
  • Choose the QR Code label size you need—0.75", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.125", 2.5", 2.75", 3", 4", and 8"
  • Download print-ready labels document in PDF format

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get quick answers to the most popular questions
What is QR Code batch generation?
QR Code Batch Generation or QR Code Bulk Generation helps you generate a large number of QR Codes—between 10 to 100,000—in a short period of time i.e. in minutes to hours. You can upload the QR Code data via a spreadsheet and download the QR Code images in a zip folder OR download the QR Code labels in printable PDFs.
How can I create QR Codes in bulk?
You can use Scanova's QR Batch tool to generate QR Codes in large numbers. You can upload data in a spreadsheet, design the QR Code if required, and download the batch of QR Code images or QR Code labels PDF in a short period of time. You pay a one-time fee for the number of QR Codes generated.
How many QR Codes can I generate?
While there is no upper limit, for practical reasons, it is possible to generate between 10 and 100,000 QR Codes. For special cases, contact our support team if you wish to generate QR Codes higher than 100,000.
What type of QR Codes can I generate?
With QR Batch, you can generate the following five types of static QR Codes—URL, Text, Vcard, Serial Code, and Random Code. In URL, Text, and Vcard, you can upload a spreadsheet with QR Code data in each row. For Serial and Random Codes, you can simply specify the specifications in the dashboard.
How do I upload data to generate QR Codes?
You can upload the data in a spreadsheet (CSV, XLS, XLSX). Column A will be QR Code image filename and Column B onwards will be the data that needs to be encoded. For Serial and Random Code QR Codes, you can simply specify the specfications in the tool itself.
Is it possible to design the QR Codes?
Yes. It is possible to add colors, patterns, logo, and background images to the QR Code design. However, please note that all QR Codes in a batch will have the same design. If you wish to generate QR Codes in multiple designs, create multiple batches.
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