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No subscription required. Pay per QR Code or Label generated
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Enter the number of QR Codes you want to create
No. of QR Codes
Price in USD per QR code
Total Price*
*Total price is inclusive of local taxes
Pay one-time for QR Codes you generate. No subscription fees.
QR Batch Rate List
Range of QR Codes Rate per QR Code in USD for Images Rate per QR Code in USD for Labels
1-10 0.50 0.6
11-100 0.4727-0.2300 0.567240-0.276000
101-500 0.2287-0.1110 0.274440-0.133200
501-1,000 0.1109-0.0805 0.133080-0.096600
1,001-5,000 0.0804-0.0280 0.096480-0.033600
5,001-10,000 0.0280-0.0188 0.033600-0.022560
10,000-50,000 0.0187-0.0086 0.022440-0.010320
50,001-100,000 0.0085-0.0060 0.010200-0.007200
The price of each QR Code changes above 10 QR Codes.
For example, say you want to create 80 QR Codes
The price for 80 QR Codes will be = price of 10 QR Codes (USD 0.50.6 x 10) + price of 70 QR Codes (where each QR Code is priced between USD 0.4727-0.23000.567240-0.276000)
Get quick answers to queries on pricing and payments
What happens if my batch is not processed?
This can happen in two cases. First, if there is an error in the uploaded CSV/Excel file. In this case, we recommend you to use the sample CSV/Excel templates to add data. Second, due to a technical issue. In this case, reach to us and we will share the QR Code batch over email or issue a 100% refund.
What is the refund policy?
Payment for a batch is made only after a sample QR Code has been previewed by you. Hence, in most cases, on successful batch processing, refund will not be issued. However, if there is a technical issue, a refund will be issue if the issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner.
Is there a free trial for QR Batch?
No, there is no free trial. However, if your are generating QR Code images/labels, you can download the first QR Code for testing. For this, enter data or upload the CSV/Excel file, review data, and add design. On the 'Confirm Batch' page, you will see a preview of the first QR Code (either as image or as first label in the labels sheet) and can download it.
How long will QR Codes work?
Forever. The QR Codes generated via QR Batch are Static in nature. These codes are permanent as data is encoded directly into the QR Code. The QR Code is not linked to the QR Batch service in any way and will work forever.
Can I download the same batch in various image formats (like SVG, PNG) by paying only once?
No, you cannot. The final output of the batch contains QR Code images as per original specifications—PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, or DXF. However, if you need the QR Code batch in a new image format, you will need to create a new batch. Similarly, if you have created a batch for QR Code images, you cannot download these as labels, and vice versa.
What are the different payment methods through which I can pay?
You can make the payment using your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account. Payments made on our platform are highly secure and we do not save any payment information.
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