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How does Bulk Generation work?
Scanova’s Bulk Generation requires a CSV file in the format of QR Code required. Once the user uploads the file, he can add design to the QR Code. Our system runs the CSV file and returns QR Code images in a zip folder.
What is the format of the data and file to be uploaded?
The file you upload should be in CSV format. The format of the data should be according to the category of QR Code chosen. The samples of these formats are available for download in the app.
How much time does it take to process a batch?
Time required to process a batch depends on the number of QR Codes to be created. Large batches of 100,000 QR Codes take upto 2 hours while smaller batches take lesser time.
What happens if my batch is not processed?
One major reason of an unprocessed batch is incorrect file or data format. The user should be very careful while uploading the data file. However, if that is not the case you can always reach out to us.
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